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  • 50 Targets- 25 Zombie Targets, 25 Multi-Use Pumpkin Orange Targets
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Fall Package 1 - 50 targets - 2 designs + Free ship


Product Description

Fall Package #1 (25 Zombie Targets / 25 Multi-Use Pumpkin Orange Targets)

Dimensions: 19" Width X 25" Height

The "Zombie" (Self-Defense Targetdesign replaces the standard human silhouette target with an anatomically accurate torso featuring true to size organs and vital areas of a smaller male Zombie. This target is divided into three  SCORING LEVELS”  as with our regular Self-Defense Target and one "Zombie Kill Zone" area. LEVEL 1- Catastrophic/Terminal, LEVEL 2- Critical/Serious, and LEVEL 3- Minor.  Shots placed on this target give the shooter a realistic idea of what effects their shots would have on an actual Zombie or human.  The organs and vitals are faint at distance which creates a more realistic view of an adversary down range, because bad guys and Zombies don't come with bullseyes!

Our Multi-Use Target was designed around the fact that practice is what it takes to become a faster and more accurate marksman. This target was created with a number of different applications in mind, the first of which is Competition The target features two vertical rows of five circles which start with a one inch diameter and increase by one inch increments up to five inches. 

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