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Self Defense Anatomy Target Greyscale - Qty of 25


Product Description

Contains 25 high quality paper targets which are glued at the top to chipboard backing similar to that of a notepad.

Dimensions: 19" Width X 25" Height


The (Self-Defense Anatomy Greyscale Targetis our greatest departure from traditional targets. This design replaces the standard human silhouette target with an anatomically accurate design featuring true to size organs and vital areas of a smaller human male. This target is divided into three THREAT LEVELS” which consist of the following: LEVEL 1- Catastrophic/Terminal, LEVEL 2- Critical/Serious, and LEVEL 3- Minor.  Shots placed on this target give the shooter a realistic idea of what effects their shots would have on an actual human being. See the over-lay below for a detailed description of these major differences from traditional targets.


Included FREE with each order is our Joe Shady Clay Pigeon Holder Training Target designed to test speed and accuracy of the "three shot" self-defense/threat elimination shooting technique taught by most firearm instructors and police departments.

Place any standard clay pigeon into the pre-cut perforations on the "Joe Shady" target with the bright side facing backwards as to not create an uncrealistic bullseye for aiming purposes.  Then test and hone your skills.  This training method will quickly develop the skills necessary for using deadly force against a recognized threat.

Test your ability in proper shot placement by shooting two rounds to the torso and one to the cranium for devastating results to any oncoming threat.  If you are destroying the two clay pigeons each time you shoot, your shots are where they need to be!

However gratifying it may be to see your shots the instant they hit a target (as with the splatter or halo targets) we believe this develops a critical flaw to a combat shooters development.  Maintaining a focus on the front sight of the weapon is imperative for accurate shot placement.  Splatter and Halo targets redirect the shooters eye off the front sight and down range which in turn develops poor shooting techniques and dangerous self-preservation habits.  As taught by many government agencies "you only rise to your lowest level of training in a stressful situation."


Tactical Target Systems, LLC.


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